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Our latest edition delves back into things that new homeowners should keep in mind during their move in. These are not necessarily loan-specific selections. Instead, they are a fun and important reminder of what’s to come for any excited, soon to be homeowner. Consider this your new home buyers’ guide!

So the house is bought, and you’re counting down the days to move-in. We’re sure we don’t have to tell you that the work will only ramp up from here. As such, it’s good for new homeowners to have a solid new home buyers’ guide to keep you on your toes as this process progresses. Learn more below!

Bathroom AirFlow

First things first, head to the restroom! Yes it’s good for normal use, but there’s also another reason to make a 
b-line there upon move-in. You’ll want to initiate your bathroom’s fan cycle both prior to and after a shower. This helps to regulate the moisture in the room, which in turn assists with moisture levels throughout the house. 

Trusting Your Home’s Roots

The next thing to ensure it’s secure is your home’s groundwork. There’s no way you can build a sustainable home on a weak foundation. Don’t set yourself up for failure here; spare no expense reinforcing your home’s foundation. 

Quality Inside and Out

Appearances can be deceiving, but they can also sometimes be spot on. That said, the integrity of the outside of your home can be just as important as what goes inside of it! Be sure to pay as much attention here, so as to maintain a stronger exterior. Without it, the resulting consequences for your home may prove to be dire.

Cleanliness Should Be A Top Priority

This goes without saying, but somewhere near the top of your home to-do list should be cleaning the place before settling in. This is good for a number of reasons, including PPE protections, as well as necessary overall home maintenance. Be sure to keep the proper materials on hand so you’ll be able to get right to it! You’ll thank yourself for it later.

Cooking On The First Day

This last one is more of a fun edition, but it is still an important consideration nonetheless. Many people want to keep the home from smelling of whatever may go on the stove as much as possible. But with certain dishes being more pungent than others, how do you avoid this?

As you may know, there’s a pretty convenient fan attached to most stovetops, allowing for any cooking steam to automatically be pulled into it’s attached grate. It may seem arbitrary, but it’s actually a pretty big help in this way. 

How LeapFrog Can Help

Ready to get to this step as new homeowners? LeapFrog is at your service! Whether you’re refinancing a home, a first time buyer, or in search of some other kind of loan, we’re here to help. Simply head over to our contact page, where you can schedule a quick and easy consultation. Reach out to us today!

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