Combatting a Stolen Identity

As we discussed in last week’s article, being a victim of stolen identity can damage your chances of securing a good mortgage.

That’s because of its impact on your credit. The sad part is, even if you catch the fraud, it can still take a long time for your credit report to reflect the fix.

This means it can push your dreams of homeownership back even further. So who’s most likely to be a victim of it? LeapFrog is here to investigate. Read on to learn more.

Who’s At Risk?

One of the biggest targets when it comes to stolen identity are the elderly. That’s because many of our older citizens may be presumed to not possess technological savvy. While this is generalization, that doesn’t stop would-be fraudsters from trying. If you have older relatives in your life, especially those dealing with ailments that prevent them from investigating for themselves, it may be a good idea to offer a helping hand.

Another group that’s at a higher risk for identity theft are those that make three quarters of $100,000 a year or more. Thieves tend to swing for fences when poaching their prey, and those in a higher tax bracket seem to be more attractive to them. Also high on the list are college students. Regardless of which group you may belong to, vigilance is key.

Trusting LeapFrog Mortgage

An unfortunate fact is that the resounding majority of those who fall victim here do so at the hands of complete strangers. What’s more is, you’re often not likely to catch the signs of fraud on your own. It’s usually your home bank that’s your first line of defense.

That’s why it’s imperative to work with financial institutions you can trust. That’s why LeapFrog Mortgage stresses the integrity of our practices to our potential clients. You should be able to rest assured knowing you can trust the people you pursue financial endeavors with. Contact us today to learn more.