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Serving Homeowners For Over 100 Years

At LeapFrog Mortgage, community is everything.

This has been the case since our early years as a Savings and Loan in the 1920s. We’ve since grown from our office in Georgia to a nationwide resource for home loans. When it comes to the application process, we’re by your side from start to finish.

Our Mission

Curious how Leapfrog mortgage has remained relevant for a century? We don't prioritize profit, we prioritize YOU.

We understand that the greatest value lies in people; from the good, hardworking people on our staff, to the good, deserving homeowners we service.

This is how we avoid rocketing your into an overwhelming rate while rushing you through closing. We take the time and steps necessary to get you the best overall outcome for your and your home. 


LeapFrog Mortgage

There’s something special about finding your dream home. At LeapFrog Mortgage, we’re all about your ideal pad, and getting you in it with as few obstacles as possible. 

Ready To Leap Into Your Dream Home? 

There’s no time like the present. LeapFrog Mortgage gets you from start to finish of your application, answering your questions and ensuring the best rates along the way. Contact one of our lenders today to learn more.