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You Move Into a House.

But You Get Moving in Your Home.

LeapFrog Mortgage provides the great rates and personalized customer service you need. As an industry leader in customer service, we customize the loan process to help buy your home with confidence.

Decades of experience allows us to provide a streamlined and transparent process, ultimately offering the best rate, lower costs, and less steps — all with no hidden fees.  

Shake off the Stress of Home Buying.

Make the Leap Now with Historically Low Rates.

Our approach is simple and transparent: Guide our customers from application to closing, delivering a personalized loan solution. Our rates are competitive because we adhere to a secret formula, proven over time: Keep costs down and keep the talk up by earning referrals with good service.

Unlike mega-institutional lenders, we don’t rocket you into a rate or pinball you through closing. Nor do we sponsor major events, enlist A-list celebrity or athlete endorsements or commission expensive animated commercials.

Finding You a Place to Move in Since 1928.

Make the Leap with LeapFrog Mortgage. Pad Sweet Pad.

We got this. So you can take the leap when selecting a mortgage lender. We believe funding your home is more of a partnership, rather than a one-off transaction. 

So much so, that we’re dedicated to jumping through the necessary hoops to ensure you have the best customer experience while also securing a highly competitive rate. Because at LeapFrog Mortgage it’s all about you and your pad.

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