How Identity Theft Can Stop You from Getting a Mortgage

Even if you've taken all the steps to keep your identity safe, there's still a chance someone can slip through the cracks

If it’s already occurred, fret not. It may be a difficult road ahead, but there are some things you can do now to get things back on track to secure your identity.

First, you’ll want to reach out to the institutions where the fraudulent account was opened. Let them know it wasn’t you that did this, so that you can begin the process of closing the account and reversing the damage. It’s also a good idea to revamp your logins across your existing accounts in an effort to rescind the fraudster’s possible access.

Action Steps for a Stolen Identity

From here, you’ll want to reach out to at least one of the prominent credit bureaus. Once you’ve alerted one, the rest will be notified, leading further action in your favor. Speaking of credit, now is the perfect time to double check your existing credit history. Conduct a thorough investigation of your records to assess whether any further infractions have occurred.

Another great resource in these circumstances is the FTC, or the Federal Trade Commission. They’ll help you get everything in order prior to filing any type of legal documentation with law enforcement.

Be Vigilant with Your Private Information

The last, and possibly best advice in this case is to ensure you don’t do anything to put your information in jeopardy. Be sure that all pertinent information is locked away and password protected. Also, stay away from any untrustworthy sites that may attempt to phish your private info online.

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