Spotting Identity Fraud

Spotting Identity Fraud So far, we’ve covered how identity fraud can impact your finances, credit, and thus, chances of securing a solid home loan. We’ve also discussed who’s most at risk for falling victim to identity fraud. Today, let’s take a look at how one can determine whether or not someone’s been taking liberties with their … Read more

How Income Influences Home Buying

How Income Influences Home Buying Your income will have a major influence on big purchases, regardless of the avenue. If you’re trying to get a home, this is one of the main contributing factors to whether a lender will consider financing your home. Your best bet is to know the full extent of your finances like … Read more

How Budgeting Can Help with Home Buying

How Budgeting Can Help with Home Buying Budgeting can be a great tool, regardless of what your present intentions are.  But if you’re looking to make a large purchase, i.e., a new home, then you’ll really need to make it a priority. This is the case both before and after you purchase a home. If you’re … Read more