Combatting a Stolen Identity

Combatting a Stolen Identity As we discussed in last week’s article, being a victim of stolen identity can damage your chances of securing a good mortgage. That’s because of its impact on your credit. The sad part is, even if you catch the fraud, it can still take a long time for your credit report … Read more

What to Do if Someone Breaches Your Identity

How Identity Theft Can Stop You from Getting a Mortgage Even if you’ve taken all the steps to keep your identity safe, there’s still a chance someone can slip through the cracks If it’s already occurred, fret not. It may be a difficult road ahead, but there are some things you can do now to get … Read more

Using Your Budget to Help Manage Home Ownership

Using Your Budget to Help Manage Home Ownership Let’s say you’ve already managed to secure a mortgage for your home. Now the real fun begins. This is where your money managing skills will really be put to the test. There are a ton of considerations that you have to plan for in this case. Having a … Read more

The Impact of Taxes on Home Owning

The Impact of Taxes on Home Owning We all know that taxes are a big deal in any arena. Failing to meet their requirements can lead to some huge concerns, and even legal ramifications. And when it comes to owning a home, it’s imperative that you stay on top of the matter. But there are … Read more

Spotting Identity Fraud

Spotting Identity Fraud So far, we’ve covered how identity fraud can impact your finances, credit, and thus, chances of securing a solid home loan. We’ve also discussed who’s most at risk for falling victim to identity fraud. Today, let’s take a look at how one can determine whether or not someone’s been taking liberties with their … Read more

How Income Influences Home Buying

How Income Influences Home Buying Your income will have a major influence on big purchases, regardless of the avenue. If you’re trying to get a home, this is one of the main contributing factors to whether a lender will consider financing your home. Your best bet is to know the full extent of your finances like … Read more

How Budgeting Can Help with Home Buying

How Budgeting Can Help with Home Buying Budgeting can be a great tool, regardless of what your present intentions are.  But if you’re looking to make a large purchase, i.e., a new home, then you’ll really need to make it a priority. This is the case both before and after you purchase a home. If you’re … Read more

When to Seek Credit Management Advice

When to Seek Credit Management Advice Many people struggle with credit management. And even more disheartening, many will likely continue to struggle without making some serious changes to their routine. Of course, no one desires to suffer through such ills. But oftentimes, many fall into the pattern of habit. And once you’re within the crushing grasp … Read more

The Money Conversation with LeapFrog Mortgage

The Money Conversation with LeapFrog Mortgage Having conversations about money can be a difficult task for those struggling with finances. We understand. Whether it’s because of embarrassment, or just a lack of understanding, many would rather suffer in silence than seek help. That’s why LeapFrog has put together this quick advice list for handling your respective … Read more